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Permitted Development Rules


The Planning portal is a great starting point for the general rules on the new permitted development rights. We strongly recommend assessing your proposals against the planning portal and seeking further advise from a professional. 


This is to ensure time and money is spent well and nothing is missed out. It is very common councils have had to intervene on several occasions where permitted development rules have not been adhered to properly or have been overlooked. This results in complaints against the development and the causing the council to investigate and costing the owners / developer more time and money in rectifying the issues. In extreme situations whole extensions have had to be pulled down costing more in fees and appeals then what it should.

We at HFS Architectural Services ensure you have all the up to date information to build, extend or alter your property and your local council has all the correct information to access the project in a favourable light.


The rules take into account heights, dimensions, orientation, material selection and the over all effect of the development on the surroundings.