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We at HFS Architectural Services ensure you have all the up to date information to build, extend or alter your property / project and your local council has all the correct information to access the project in a favourable light.


Householder planning consent

To make alterations or extensions to your house.


Full planning consent

To carry out certain changes of use to land or buildings.


Outline planning consent

Before preparing detailed drawings, to consider the principle of a proposal, such as orientation, siting, design, external appearance, means of access and landscaping.


Reserved matters

Any matters not considered under an outline planning application. This requires a granted outline planning permission before consideration of reserved matters.


Non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission

When you wish to make a non-material amendment to an already approved planning application.


Removal/variation of conditions

When you wish to make an application for the removal or variation of a planning condition.


Listed building and conservation area consent

To alter a listed building or if you propose for the demolition of certain buildings, walls and other means of enclosure in a conservation area.


Planning Permission / Planning Applications / Permitted Development


House Extensions and Alterations of all types : Single storey rear extension or two storey side extensions, Garage conversions, commercial change of use, can have a negative impact on the local surrounding, affect the neighbouring properties or may even affect the local ecology.


Your local councils (planning department) try to ensure no development has a negative impact. They require a Planning application to include the Site plan, Location Plan, the Buildings existing and proposed floor plans, elevations and on larger developments specialist reports on acoustics, ecology etc.