Planning By Design is a nationwide consultancy, with certified town planners and architectural experts spanning the UK, offering local support to our clients. Whether you're inquiring about the necessity of planning approval, seeking pre-planning guidance, exploring feasibility studies, or requiring assistance with an application, our proficient planning consultants are at your service. We offer a comprehensive range of services to facilitate obtaining planning permission, commencing with a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to delve into your project brief and address your preliminary inquiries. To peruse examples of our previous planning submissions, please visit our Portfolio.


Seeking assistance or guidance regarding planning permission for your project? Our planning experts can perform a planning assessment to determine the necessity for planning approval, the prerequisites for submitting an application, associated expenses, and the probability of approval, delivering you timely responses. This may potentially obviate the requirement for a pre-application process with your local authority, leading to time and cost savings, and reducing any inconvenience.


Our team of accredited town planners, certified by the RTPI, possesses extensive expertise in all facets of planning permission. A significant number of our town planners have previously held positions as planning officers and enforcement officers in various local planning authorities, as well as in the private sector. We collaborate with every local planning authority in the UK and have established connections with numerous planning officers, thus garnering a profound comprehension of the planning framework from both the applicant and local authority viewpoints.


The process of applying for planning permission can be intimidating and perplexing for the majority of homeowners. Our planning professionals collaborate closely with our in-house designers, enabling us to oversee the complete application procedure from inception to conclusion, thereby minimizing your time, expenses, and stress. Whether you are contemplating an extension, loft conversion, garage transformation, or the construction of a new dwelling, we are committed to providing you with the optimal prospects for attaining approval.


Whether you are contemplating a change in usage or a significant planning submission for numerous new residences, our planning experts will assist you in navigating the intricacies of the UK planning framework. Given that large-scale developments inherently entail greater complexity and expenses, it's imperative to seek expert pre-application counsel to assess feasibility, costs, and the prospects of success before making any commitments. Should your development be deemed viable, we will collaborate with you to attain your objectives.


Engaging in any alterations to a listed structure without obtaining prior listed building consent, and in many instances, planning approval as well, is considered a legal violation. Listed buildings are frequently situated within conservation zones. In line with the preservation of sites possessing historical and cultural significance, planning regulations tend to be notably more stringent in these areas. Permitted development rights are often withdrawn in such regions, rendering planning applications considerably more intricate and challenging to attain approval for. Historic England serves as a non-executive governmental entity entrusted with the preservation of structures, communities, rural areas, and other locales of substantial heritage value within the United Kingdom.


Planning statements represent a crucial and immensely significant component of each planning submission. Our planning specialists excel in crafting robust planning statements, design and access explanations, as well as heritage statements, to bolster your application. Although the assurance of obtaining planning approval is never absolute, the presence of a robust supporting statement, in conjunction with your planning drawings, enhances your prospects of obtaining the necessary permission.


Several individuals mistakenly believe that there exists only a singular kind of planning submission. In reality, there are numerous types, each tailored to specific projects and situations, with distinct evaluation criteria. Our planning experts possess the capability to identify, assemble, and submit the most appropriate application category that maximizes your likelihood of attaining planning authorization for your project.


If you've encountered opposition to your submission or intend to voice your opposition to a development within your community, our planning professionals can draft persuasive objection or counterargument letters. It's essential to recognize that emotionally charged objections usually do not hold significance in the evaluation conducted by local authorities. Conversely, objections grounded in technical reasoning and aligned with planning policies are considerably more likely to influence the application's outcome.


If you've received planning approval for your project, it's vital to understand that the council has sanctioned the precise design originally submitted. Alterations to the design can be implemented post-approval, but the scope of the proposed modifications may necessitate additional consent. Constructing something inconsistent with the approved design may potentially expose you to retrospective planning challenges or enforcement actions.


Several planning conditions are standard for all granted approvals, such as the typical timeframe of 3 years to commence work and an additional 2 years for project completion. Nevertheless, your local authority retains the authority to impose a variety of additional conditions, all of which must be satisfied. To demonstrate your compliance with these conditions, you may need to submit an application to discharge them. In the event that you deem any conditions to be unfair and wish to seek modifications or removal, it might be feasible through an application to alter or eliminate conditions. Non-compliance with any imposed conditions could potentially lead to the issuance of an enforcement notice.


If you've received a notice of planning enforcement for a breach of planning regulations, it's imperative to promptly seek professional guidance from a planning specialist. They can assess whether there has indeed been a breach and, if so, outline the available courses of action. Regrettably, approximately 15-20% of the cases we handle involve retrospective applications, often prompted by enforcement actions. In fact, 99% of enforcement notices pertain to developments that individuals believed qualified as Permitted Development and thus didn't require permission, only to discover they were mistaken. It's crucial to distinguish between knowing if planning permission is necessary and assessing the likelihood of approval. If retroactive approval cannot be secured, the alternative may entail dismantling the constructed structure and restoring the property to its original condition or use.



A planning assessment will provide you with comprehensive insights, addressing queries about whether your project falls under permitted development or necessitates planning permission, along with the probability of approval if planning permission is indeed required. This information empowers you to make a well-informed decision about proceeding with the project. While we aspire to see your project succeed, in cases where it may not be feasible, we will provide candid and truthful guidance to dissuade you from moving forward, potentially saving you significant time, expenses, and stress. Assuming a favorable outcome from your planning assessment, we can furnish you with a quote encompassing all potential necessities, including planning drawings and the pertinent planning application. This will enable you to make an informed decision about whether you want to move forward with the project. We hope that your project will be feasible but in the event that it is not, we will give you frank and honest advice not to proceed, which could save you a lot of time, money and stress. Assuming your planning appraisal is positive we can quote for everything you might need including architectural drawings and the appropriate planning application.

At Planning By Design, we have some of the leading planning consultants and planners in the UK. We are proud to offer competitive pricing, supported by our price match guarantee. Should you choose to engage our services, our planners will collaborate with you to produce the required architectural drawings, while our planning experts will compile the essential supporting documentation for your planning submission. We will oversee the entire process from commencement to conclusion, providing you with consistent updates at each phase.

The primary phase of any project involves an initial discussion to grasp your goals and objectives. Following this, we can provide guidance on feasibility and outline the steps required to realize your development aspirations, along with associated expenses.

The primary phase of any project involves an initial discussion to grasp your goals and objectives. Following this, we can provide guidance on feasibility and outline the steps required to realize your development aspirations, along with associated expenses.

Feel free to get in touch with us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to explore your project further.

Feel free to get in touch with us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to explore your project further.



  • Basement
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • Conservatory
  • Conversion to Flats
  • Change of Use
  • Decking
  • Dropped Kerb
  • Extension
  • Garage Conversion
  • Hardstanding
  • House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Loft Conversion
  • New Build House or Flats
  • Outbuilding
  • Porch
  • Solar
  • Walls, Fences & Gates
  • Windows and Doors


  • Pre-Planning Application
  • Lawful Development Certificate
  • Prior Approval
  • Householder Planning Application
  • Planning Appeal
  • Enforcement Appeal
  • Full Planning Permission
  • Outline Planning Permission
  • Planning Planning Permission
  • Reserved Matters
  • Retrospective Planning Application
  • Advertisement Consent
  • Non-Material Amendment
  • Material Amendment
  • Discharge Conditions
  • Vary/Remove Conditions
  • Demolition Consent

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