At Planning By Design, we recognize that the process of obtaining planning permission is a relatively infrequent undertaking for most of our clients. We understand the intricacies and complexities involved in planning permission, and that’s why we are here to provide you with professional pre-planning guidance.

Before initiating any project, the majority of our clients pose the following common inquiries:

These are precisely the pertinent questions to pose, and obtaining answers to them is of paramount importance prior to either advancing with a planning application or commencing construction

In certain instances, specific permitted development projects necessitate prior approval from the local planning authority, despite their classification as permitted development. Commencing work without obtaining such prior approval constitutes a legal violation, and it is imperative to await the local planning authority's endorsement of a prior approval planning application. Failure to secure planning approval prior to commencement may result in the issuance of a planning enforcement notice, either due to a report from a neighbor or the council's observation of the ongoing development.

Regrettably, we encounter numerous clients who initially believed their actions fell under permitted development but later realized they were mistaken. In the event that the council determines that planning permission is necessary for something you have already undertaken, you may be issued a planning enforcement notice, affording you a 28-day period to obtain approval or revert the property to its original state. In cases involving construction, this would necessitate demolition.

We often assist numerous clients with retroactive planning submissions, and we consistently strive to attain a favorable result. Nevertheless, it's important to note that we cannot provide an assurance of planning approval, particularly when a breach of planning law has occurred, often resulting in objections from neighbors. Additionally, we cannot offer guidance on the specific design to align with the necessary planning policies. Our role is to present the most compelling justifications possible for why your existing project should be granted approval.

If you’re seeking clarification on whether your project falls under permitted development or necessitates planning permission, we can offer pre-planning guidance. It all begins with an initial, complimentary, and non-binding conversation to explore the details of your project.

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